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Reference S62
1.01 Brand GUZZETTI
1.02 Model MSG 600 - SPLICESLIT
1.03 Year 2017 - Year shown on the plate
1.04 Type Turret double shaft with independent unwinder, with bridge
1.05 Max web width (mm) 1.600
1.06 Min cutting (stripes) width (mm) 85
1.07 Working materials Paper, rigid plastic films, laminated materials
1.08 Max mechanical speed (m/min) 500
1.09 Type of unwinder Independent unit, shaft-less, with motor and brake, N. 2 hydraulic arms for reel loading; with joint table.
Cores: Ø inside 76 mm (3") and 152 mm (6”)
1.10 Max diameter on unwinder (mm) 1200
1.11 Web guiding system Automatic - Brand: FIFE
1.12 Web tension control system By means of dancing roller group
1.13 Cutting system Scissor cut with adjustable banana roller
N. 19 circular blade knife-holders with automatic positioning
No. 19 counter-blades mounted on an expandable shaft with automatic positioning
Automatic application of double-sided adhesive tape for fixing material on the cores at the start of winding
1.14 Trims suction Yes, by means of a compressed air Venturi tube
1.15 Type of rewinder Two turrets, each with two friction shafts, with independent motors
Cores: Ø inside 76 mm (3 ")
Guillotine-type transversal cut; rubberized pressure rollers
Motorized reels ejection system
Translating laser pointer with automatic positioning
1.16 Max diameter on rewinder (mm) 600
1.17 Max weight on rewinding shafts (kg) 230
1.18 More information Column for reels offloading
Machine in working condition, available for tests